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  • Mynxie Monroe in see-through lingerie


    *+-Sexy Mynxie Monroe, the Professional Goth, Instigator of Mischief, and Reigning Queen of Darkness sent in this lovely set by Connie Taylor Photography. She’s perfectly tantalizing in her see-through underwear. Comment with your favorite pic from this set in the comments below. You can see her and a bunch of other nude pinup models and […]

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  • Pinup Miss V topless

    Miss V Topless

    *+-A beautiful pinup who decides to go topless while listening to some vinyl on a groovy looking record player? That’s exactly what we thought…it’s gotta go in our issue! This beautiful set of Miss V was shot by Victor Devilbliss with hair duties by Making Faces Professional Makeup. You can see her and a bunch […]

  • Chloe Heil
  • The Modern Eyebrow


    *+-Eyebrows. Such a simple thing. Regardless of gender, regardless of our evolution of no longer having body hair all over, they’ve remained on our faces to keep sweat from getting in our eyes. Eyebrows are so very important to me, as a cosmetologist. They have the capability of making or breaking your look. I met […]