The Modern Eyebrow

Eyebrows. Such a simple thing. Regardless of gender, regardless of our evolution of no longer having body hair all over, they’ve remained on our faces to keep sweat from getting in our eyes.

Eyebrows are so very important to me, as a cosmetologist. They have the capability of making or breaking your look. I met my roommate and best friend because his (yes, HIS) eyebrows were so well manicured and filled in, I had to introduce myself. It was love at first sight, as he & I will both tell you.

Brows have become such a statement on faces. We’ve said goodbye to the skinny, overtweezed brow from the early 2000s and have come into an age of full, glamorous eyebrows. I’m proud, as a makeup artist, to be a part of this eyebrow age.

I was recently reading an article of the “history” of eyebrows. It seems as though we’ve gone through every possibility of what they could look like. From a very dramatically thick, drawn-on Egyptian brow, to the unibrow, to the skinny, thin-lined brow from the flapper era. It’s all so fascinating, really, as are all standards of beauty from different periods of history.

As lovely as all of those brows are, let’s discuss the current brow that’s happening. The beauty industry is encouraging naturally full, professionally shaped brows, with enhancement from makeup. We have what has been referred to as the “Instagram brow”, or the “gradient brow”, which is softly drawn in at the start of the brow, slightly squared off, to a darker, more manicured line as you near the arch and tail end of the brow. They’re beautiful, and as far as I’m concerned, a brow trend that should remain for some time.

Everyone is different, and some brows don’t need any enhancement whatsoever. I appreciate and encourage the look of fully grown (yet shaped), natural brows, especially on young women who (thankfully) have yet to be introduced to the dreaded tweezers. Many of the young models I work with in various photoshoot and runway situations have mostly untouched brows, which I’m grateful for.

Overtweezing is a very real and scary possibility for so many. I can say from personal experience, that if you overdo it, they most likely will take quite some time to grow back in. This is why you see sweet, matured women who have very sparse eyebrows. They’ve overdone it for years, and are now living with the serious consequence of not being on trend. Put that tool down! Go & see a professional, who will shape your brows accordingly. (If you’re within the Omaha, NE area, come and visit me at Victor Victoria Salon & Spa in the Old Market.)

As I’ve mentioned the full, natural brow that is currently in fashion, I’d also like to address people like me, who wear unnatural eyebrow colors. I am currently sporting blue to green ombre hair. I feel that one’s eyebrows should appropriately match one’s hair. Fashion colored hair is more prevalent than ever, and I appreciate the artful eye that can create a cohesive look to compliment the hair color, whatever that may be.

On the other side of big, beautiful brows, my natural brows grow in very sparse, and in a very thin, mostly straight line. I prefer to slightly overdraw them, with a higher arch, to make myself look a little skeptical at all times. It’s all personal preference, and it has definitely taken me an extended period of time to perfect the shape. If you’d like to overdraw your eyebrows and don’t know where to start, there are a few makeup companies (such as Anastasia, available at Sephora) that supply eyebrow stencils, according to whatever shape and look you’re looking to achieve.

I have taken notice within my social media followings, that some eyebrows are so dramatically overdrawn, it’s unflattering. The same goes for overdrawn lips, which Kylie Jenner has so very much brought to our attention. I’ll be writing about lips & lipstick soon enough, but I think that generally less is more. (Yes, I absolutely understand I wear blue eyebrows, but they’re still tasteful.) If you already have beautiful brows, keep the overdrawing to a minimum.

On another note, I’d like to mention and have us all appreciate the men out there who fill in their brows, such as my roommate. I have a dear client and friend who is dedicated to the cause, drawing in blue eyebrows to match his teal hair and beard.

All in all, I’m all for creativity and looking and doing what you want. Wear your bold brows loud & proud, or wear them blue because UDGAF. I’m here to tell you what’s up in the world of beauty, just be who you want to be.

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