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This is where you'll find all the sexy, vintage-inspired nude photos from around the world. We keep it classy, and get really exited about craft photography using Polaroid or film.


We're going to do our best to help the art of striptease become a classy, fun event again. There's a craft and performance to striptease that we don't want to see lost in time. Do you want featured?
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A cocktail consists of at least 3 ingredients. We'll show you the best mixed drinks and the bars and mixologists that bring them to you with style.

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So what is Taboo kitten?

our mission

We're here to elevate the burlesque, photography and pinup genres

The mission at Taboo Kitten is to provide its subscribers with the highest quality "taboo" 60's Men's Magazines inspired pinup photography, focusing on craft: quality photos including those created with film.
This isn't just a trend for us; it's a lifestyle. We've been interested in film photography and classic cocktails for some time (Jeff Hug, the owner, is an Polaroid Impossible Project pioneer). If you're a mixologist, hot rod builder, burlesque performer, model, or photographer, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a few words in the "contact us" section.

It's an online, subscription-based website where you can see a greater variety of pinup girls and photographers than what can be seen in the current glut of print on demand or offset pinup magazines that offer "taboo" issues quarterly or yearly.

We have a copyright-friendly release form, not asking for exclusive rights or eternal copyright ownership. Photographers keep the rights to their photos; Taboo Kitten just provides a place to show them.

We focus on craft: submissions will rank higher if they're done on polaroid or film, so dust off those cameras and get shooting.

We want to focus on the lifestyle: burlesque, pinup, car shows, and classic drinks.

We educate: tutorials and events with pinup makeup and hair, shooting, and video.